Sightseeing in Frankfurt with VGF's Ebbelwei-Expreß

There are lots of ways of exploring and discovering Frankfurt – but travelling on VGF’s Ebbelwei-Express is definitely one of the most charming. As well as providing a first-class view of the sights of Frankfurt, our tram also lets you explore some Frankfurt specialities in good company.

And don’t forget to take part in our Hessian dialect for beginners course before you set off to make absolutely sure you understand what people are saying on the tram or in an Ebbelwei pub.

And during the hour-long music- and pretzel-filled journey there’ll also be enough time to enjoy a generous glass of original Frankfurt cider or apple juice made by Possmann .

Ebbelwei-Expreß fare information

The fun costs 8.00 € for adults. For specific passengers, a reduced fare of 3.50 € is charged (upon presentation of proof). Not only will you enjoy an extraordinary journey, the ticket price also includes your choice of a bottle of cider, apple juice or mineral water and a bag of pretzels.

Departure times

Just buy your ticket from the conductor. The price is for a round-trip tour lasting approximately one hour.