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Frankfurt Zoo

The Frankfurt Zoo is the second oldest zoological park in Germany. It was created in 1858 following a public campaign led by citizens of the city. The zoo was originally located in the Leer’schen Gärten in the city’s Westend district, but in 1874 moved to its current site, Pfingstweiden. After World War I, the city of Frankfurt took over the running of the zoo. During World War II, the zoo was almost completely destroyed. It was rebuilt after the end of the war with the support of animal researcher Bernhard Grzimek, who succeeded in raising the necessary funds.

Today, Frankfurt Zoo is one of the most visited zoological gardens in Europe. The houses and enclosures are home to around 4,500 animals and 450 species.

In particular, the Exotarium (aquarium and reptile house), cat jungle, Borgori Forest and nocturnal animal house are well worth a visit. The artificial night-time environment means that visitors can enjoy watching the lively nocturnal animals even during the day.

For more information about Frankfurt Zoo please go to www.frankfurter-zoo.de.