Short Hessian language course

Guide to Hessian dialect

You can learn a huge amount on the Ebbelwei-Express – see the sights of Frankfurt, enjoy some Frankfurter specialities and listen to some Frankfurt dialect. After all, the Ebbelwei-Express is also very popular with long-standing residents of Frankfurt.

To give you a little introduction to the Hessian dialect, our friends at the Frankfurter Volkstheater, especially actress Margit Sponheimer, director Wolfgang Kaus and actor and long-time Volkstheater member Hans Zürn have recorded a few nice examples for you that you can listen to by clicking on each of the play buttons. So, don’t forget to turn your speakers on.

Trainer for speaking Hessian

Hessisch English
Aabeemick blowfly
babbele speak
Bedubb mich net don’t lie to me
Bobbelsche toddler, baby
Bagasch acquaintance/relative
dabbisch Hinke clumsy person
Was a Derrabbel this person’s undernourished
Dibbe pot
dozze lasse drop something
Ebbelwei alcoholic drink made from apples
Moooomendemaa stop!
Frankfurter Würstchen local speciality
Guude wiie? hello, how are you?
Hibb de Bach und Dribb de Bach northern and southern parts of Frankfurt
hibbelisch restless, nervous
huddele work superficially and under time pressure
A Lumbeseckel a devious person
Mach mer net so Spirenzschär stop making excuses
Mei Herzgebbobeldes likeable person
A Mobbelsche overweight person
E nuner, e nübber, e nuff un e nei different ways of giving directions
A babbisch Gutzje sticky sweet
petze drink
Da krigt ma ja die pudelnackisch Krenk that’s not very nice
Schlumpellies untidy girl
Mach ma net so e Gedöns don’t make a mountain out of a molehill
Schnippelsche little piece
Schnuuud mouth
E Schoppe un e Schöppsche a glass of cider and a small cider
Dut plastic carrier bag
sich ablesche go to bed
Spitzkligger rascal
Was e Spülbrie flat drink
Ei da hogge ja die, die wo immer da hogge great that you could be here
Weldchestach Frankfurt public holiday
Zoores trouble